martedì, maggio 17, 2005

first topic

This forum is about the cultures of all the latin countries and cultures (latin/romance speaking countries).

This forum is started in english (to touch a worldwide public), but of course discussion in all other latin language is encouraged : Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Romanian.

The discussion is open on various topics :

- Latin/Romance languages
- Latin/Mediterranean cultures and latin-American cultures
- Politics of the latin countries, in south Europe and in Central and south America
- History and geography of the latin-European and latin-American countries
- Music, paintings, medias and latin-European and latin-American pop-culture
- Mentality, way of life and philosophy in latin cultures
- Latin, mediterranean and latin-American beauties

NB : This blog is not about the so-called "latino" culture, as the word is badly used in USA to mean hispanic-Americans.
The forum is not limited to Hispanic cultures, but talk about all the latin peoples and cultures in Europe and in America.